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Welsh Place Names in Jamaica

Re Tan y Bryn Estate in Mandeville

"Located in south-central Jamaica, Manchester covers a total area of 320.5 square miles or 830.1 kilometers, making it the sixth largest parish in the island. The parish offers a variety of climate, vegetation and scenery. The town is noted for its natural beauty and salubrious climate as temperatures range from as low as 12.7°C (55°F) in December and January, to a high of 31°C (88°F) in July.

Being a predominantly farming community you’ll see a variety of crops being cultivated primarily yam, Irish potatoes and citrus which is the livelihood of local farmers and the communities.

Tan’Y’Bryn estate was built in 1895 by the Walder Family who came to Jamaica as Moravian Missionaries in 1820. It is situated on 25 acres of land (also used for farming) at about 2,700 Feet above sea level. The History of Tan’Y’Bryn is deeply linked to the life, work and service of the Walder family in Jamaica. They assisted in building a fully sustainable community in Manchester by using their lands purchased in to construct a school, church, post office, roads, and giving the members of the community free land in exchange for their labor in building these institutions. The area was named Walderston in honor of him and his family. A true volunteer! We look forward to welcoming you soon."

Pantrepant Great House was built between 1740 and 1760 by Henry Strudwick, Esq., the younger son of aristocratic Anglo-Welsh family. He named the plantation after his family's ancestral estate, Pantrepant, which was located in Country Salop (Shropshire), England, just near the border with Wales. Pantrepant is a Welsh name meaning "House-in-the-Hollow".

Hon. John Tharp (1744-1804) of Chippenham Park, near Ely, Cambridgeshire, England and the Good Hope Estates, Trelawny, Jamaica:  Born at Bachelor's Hall Estate in Hanover, Jamaica. Educated in England at Eton and Trinity College, Cambridge University. He was one of the richest Sugar Planters in 18th Century Jamaica, owning 11 Plantations and over 2,800 Slaves.

His 11 Plantations in Jamaica included 9 Plantations in Trelawny: which were Good Hope, Potosi, Covey, Wales, Lansquinet, Cheshire, Merrywood, Pantrepant and Windsor, as well as Chippenham Park in St. Ann and Dean's Valley Water Works in Westmoreland. 

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